Girls’ Education

     Girls in America freely go to school everyday and can aspire to be whatever they want. However, this is not the reality in many countries. In Pakistan girls are prevented from going to school and are expected to stay at home. They are targeted by the Taliban and risk acid attacks if they choose to still go. In this 2009 documentary, the days leading up to Malala Yousafzai’s last day of school is filmed. She cannot wear her uniform and must hide her books under her clothes to avoid gaining the attention of the Tuntitledaliban. Her teachers give her homework with no date to return to school. Malala advocated for girls education and was shot, but this only brought attention to the problem. The Taliban tried to silence her but instead made her speak even more loudly.  Preventing girls from getting education is harmful in many ways. It allows men to have power over women because they are more educated. Women can also contribute to society in many ways, and have different strengths than men. Keeping them at home prevents them from doing this and reaching their full potential. Ignorance can be dangerous, and it allows people to control others and influence them in a negative way. Fazlullah was able to slowly gain control of the people of Swat and change their beliefs. People only began to realize the effects of his power when it was too late, and they were forced to leave the valley.  The Taliban is so against education because they want power and control. The more people who are educated, the less chance they have to influence others. Education will open up people’s minds and help them to see the difference between right and wrong. Why do you think girls’ education is important?