Freedom of Speech

Citizens of America often take for granted the right to free speech. We can say how we feel and express our opinions when and where we want. In other countries, including Pakistan, people cannot say whatever comes to their mind. They have laws against speaking out against the government or religion. If they break these laws, they face jail time or even death. In the case of Asia Bibi, she has been sitting in jail for the past seven years for blasphemy. She is a Christian woman who was working in the field with Muslim women, and they refused to drink her water because it was “unclean”. The Muslim women claimed th7ezjauiashe insulted the prophet Muhammad, and she was sentenced to death.  Her five children and the rest of her family have been affected by this too. They are harassed and receive death threats everywhere they move. Laws against blasphemy in Pakistan have caused Bibi and her family all of this trouble. There is no proof that she spoke out against Islam, and the women could have made up the claims since she is Christian. Even if their accusations are true, it is important to have freedom of speech so that everyone can express their thoughts and ideas. Without this, people have no power or influence. When speech is restricted, it allows the government to have too much control and promotes ignorance. People have the right to express their opinions and beliefs. We have the responsibility to share our thoughts with others so that we can grow as a society. It is okay to disagree with someone else, but it should be done in a respectful way. Why do you think freedom of speech matters?