Love vs. Violence

th8M7DOHMS      This week we watched the interviews or two very different men, fighting for the same cause. Those men are Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. Each one carries himself in a certain way and has his own approach on dealing with prejudice. Martin Luther believes in love and non-violent resistance. Showing love to your enemy can help both sides to cooperate and listen to each other. This method was used by Gandhi, and the Indians eventually gained independence. MLK believes that physically fighting back will only lead to more hate, while love will drive out hate. “Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend” (Martin Luther King). In contrast, Malcolm X belives the exact opposite and encourages blacks to fight back if violence is shown toward them. Many are quick to criticize Malcolm X  for this; however, it is important to look at why someone acts or believes the way they do before judging them. His childhood shaped the way that he thinks and explains why he is so bitter towards whites. They tore his family apart and sent his mother to a mental hospital . His father was killed by whites, as well as many other members of his family. His philosophy of fighting violence with more violence can be seen as  a practical solution to some. It is in human nature to hate those who hate you. During World War II, showing appeasement to Germany only made everything worse, and we eventually had to fight back to win the war. There are many examples in history supporting the two different beliefs of MLK and Malcolm X. This article provides more information on the difference of these two men. Which side do you support and why?


2 thoughts on “Love vs. Violence”

  1. Both have very different ways of handling the situation on hand back in their time. Martin wanted peace throughout the human race no matter their skin color. Malcolm took a different approach with the subject and turned it into something violent. Eventhough both are on total oposite of the spectrum people agreed with eiher one or the other. Martin and Malcom did grow up different but did go through some of the same things, which has shaped their views on the problem. Both of them did have a huge impact on soceity and changed peoples view on their race. As a result some problems were fixed and had resolutions to them, although today we still have this problem even in 2017, people are working to make it bwetter and follow in their foot steps.


  2. I personally can see the side of Martin Luther King more then Malcolm X, even though I am emphatic to views of Malcolm X. The reason I am more on the side of MLK is because of the way he speaks. He speaks calmly with a lot of intelligence and passion for the issues he is fighting for. The way for he speaks speaks to all people not just blacks. He also encourages whites to get involved because his movement is to create peace among all people.


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