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Gandhi was an admirable leader that many looked up to, and his strategy to overcome the British worked for many reasons. He was willing to lower himself down to the level of the poor and starving Indians in order to empathize with them and show that he is no better than anyone else. His ability to humble himself before his followers is what made his peaceful rebellion against the British so successfulGhandi discussing the Quit India concept with Nehru, 1942. The other Indians saw that if a man like them could make that much of a difference, then they could too. He also made the wise decision to stop receiving help from Charlie Andrews, the British missionary. His courage and determination to continue the fight without aid from Charlie Andrews revealed his faith in the Indian people. He made the right decision to move forward without him because it showed the Indians that that can achieve anything on their own. Gandhi’s willingness to fast when his followers turned violent kept the rebellion peaceful. They stopped rioting to keep Gandhi alive.  If they continued to violently retaliate, the British would have responded even more harshly and killed more of them. Gandhi set a great example and was an exceptional leader. His perseverance encouraged the people on India to continue fighting. Without him, they might have not gained their independence from the British. What other qualities did Gandhi possess that made him such a great leader? What examples or events that he lead helped the Indians in their battle against the British?

An article about Gandhi’s fasting.


2 thoughts on “Gandhi”

  1. I agree with your view on him as a person and what he did. The way you described him if i never heard of him i would have thought of him as a man of peace and tranquility. The amount that he accomplished with just a few people with connections made such a difference if it was just him with no help. All of the things that they went through made the campaign was successful as it was in the end result. I think of him almost they same way there are some characteristics that could also describe him just as well or better, but i think you did a good job on that. This could help some people get an idea of who he was and what he was like as a person and a popular figure.


  2. Gandhi was a very wise man. Your article does a good job of describing what he did for the Indian Independence Movement. His courage and beliefs in peace were some qualities that contributed to his legacy as a leader. He was a very easy figure to follow because of his knowledge and background. The image he portrayed also helped the people relate to him because of the common look and personality he carried. When people realized that his methods worked they started following him. He also has had many inlfluences over modern day figures such as Martin Luther King jr. Without Gandhi many of the revolts and civil rights movements that have ocurred may not have took place. He set a precedent for all present day leaders on how to handle nonviolent revolutions.


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